• Judge rejects bids to limit theater shooting victim testimony

    Not surprised by this tbh. Smfh.

    Harvard Researchers: Every 64 Days There's A Mass Shooting

    New James Holmes Documents 10/08/14 - 10/14/14



    Apparently on Oct 6th, the defense and prosecution were notified that James’ second sanity evaluation was completed. It looks like the defense is trying to keep the prosecution from reading the notes from CMHIP regarding the second exam….

    Defense Outreach In Holmes Case Was ‘Manipulative,’ Victim Says - CBS Denver

    “The crucial second sanity report in the Aurora theater shooting case has been submitted to the judge. 53 pages long. http://t.co/nDCSHHszqa/s/V0hX

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    There is also a dvd….

    The report is 53 pages long, including 21 pages of attachments. The second examiner also submitted his “CV”, which is 48 pages. CV as in - "Curriculum Vitae?" which is Latin for "course of life"  Remember “James Holmes - Of Life” on the front of his (James’) notebook? How ironic.

    At 11:15 this morning the court received a copy of the exam. That means that yesterday the defense had not seen the report, even though they were objecting to the prosecution seeing it.

    The dvd (interviews w/James) arrived in court today at one p.m and the defense/prosecution were told to arrive no earlier then 1:30 p. m. today to pick up their copies of the dvd.

    It could be plea bargain time. Or not. *Fingers crossed* for James.

    New James Holmes Documents 10/15/2014

    10/15/2014 Reply in Support of Defendant’s Motion for Specific Instructions to Witnesses and Jurors Regarding Victim Impact Evidence [D-242]

    10/15/2014 Reply in Support of Defendant’s Motion in Limine Requesting Court and Prosecution to Refrain from Referring to the Two Phases of this Capital Trial as the “Guilt Phase” and/or the “Death Phase” [D-237]

    10/15/2014 Reply in Support of Defendant’s Motion to Exclude Lay Opinion Testimony Regarding Defendant’s “Mental Condition” or “Sanity” in this Capital Case [D-239]

    10/15/2014 Order Providing Notice of Second Court-Appointed Examiner’s Report and DVD (C-141)

    As much money as the state has sunk into this case? I highly doubt they’re going to offer Holmes a plea deal. I really do doubt that. :/

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    James Holmes's Attorneys: Victims Should Be Told to Control Emotions While Testifying

    Good, because as heartless as it may sound to others: it should be evidence that speaks at his trial - not emotions. I would hope that if the judge wants to be viewed as a fair judge in this case, that he actually grants this request. A man shouldn’t be sentenced to death because people are angry at him, a man should only be sentenced to prison because the evidence in the crime suggests that such actions are necessary.

    Aurora theater shooting report: Emergency response timeline


    12:09:01 a.m. Call for loud music at 1690 Paris Street #10. Elapsed time: 29 minutes, 18 seconds before shooting

    12:38:37 First call of a shooting is received by Public Safety Dispatch. Elapsed time: 0:00

    12:39:22 Sixth call of gunshots at Century theater, hundreds running out of the building. Caller believes it was in theater 10 or 9. Caller reports 16 to 20 shots, at 00:41:58 (caller reports three police cars on scene). Elapsed time: 0:45

    12:39:38 First police units are dispatched for a shooting at Century Theaters. Elapsed time: 1:01

    12:40:03 Dispatch airs that at least one person shot with hundreds running around. Elapsed time: 1:26

    12:40:29 The first car, Cruiser 11, a sergeant, on PD-2 calls out on scene. Elapsed time: 1:52

    12:40:31 Call from a manager. Does not know if anyone was shot or just firecrackers. Just saw customers running out of the building. Elapsed time: 1:54

    12:40:57 First fire units are dispatched on a shooting at Century Theaters. Elapsed time: 2:20

    12:41:35 Dispatch notifies Denver (Police) and Arapahoe (Sheriff’s Office) on MetroNet of an active shooter, no response requested at that time.Elapsed time: 2:58

    12:41:34 Call taker asks if the person on the line is hurt, she says no but there are dead people in there.Elapsed time: 2:57

    12:42:53 Caller asks what is going on at the theater. He does not know what is going on or what he should do. Said he was in theater 8 and that there were some fireworks that went off. He was pretty sure they were not shots. Elapsed time: 4:16

    12:42:59 Dispatch airs to Engine 8, Battalion 1 and Medic 109 that they are needed hot to the front of the theaters, so far they have one party shot. Elapsed time: 4:22

    12:43:08 Caller states trying to help a person shot in the leg, Victim is calling his wife. EMD started. Elapsed time: 4:31

    12:43:14 Caller states they are at Centerpoint and Sable with victim hit in the head, below the ear, sirens heard in the background, caller sees medics and is told to wave them down. Elapsed time: 4:37

    12:44:15 216 airs we need gas masks in 9, can’t get into 9. Elapsed time: 5:38

    12:44:35 EMD started but caller cannot hear because the movie is too loud, caller states she cannot do CPR, call taker tries to talk her through it, at 00:48:46 the caller reports the police are there. Elapsed time: 5:58

    12:44:38 Cruiser 10 airs “get us some damn gas masks for theater 9, we can’t get in it.” Elapsed time: 6:01

    12:44:55 Caller reports that she is in theater 9 and that the shooting is stopped, she reports that she and her family are not injured but that others around her may be, the call taker has her stay in the theater if she is safe there. When asked if it was gunshots or fireworks, she relates she saw fireworks. Call taker tells her that officers are on scene and the fire department is standing by. At 12:47:40 the caller relates the police have come in. Elapsed time: 6:18

    12:46:16 Cruiser 11 asks to hold the air and asks if that is a suspect with the white car in the rear of the lot. Elapsed time: 7:39

    12:46:22 216A confirms it is a suspect and that he has rifles, gas masks, is detained right now, and that there is an open door into the theater. Elapsed time: 7:45

    MORE: http://www.denverpost.com/data/ci_26692660/aurora-theater-shooting-report-response-timeline

    Aurora theater shooting report likely won’t impact James Holmes trial – The Denver Post | Rollin Boulders

    Yeah and the reason why is that the stuff people want to read in the report, is basically redacted. Le sigh.

    This trial needs to hurry up :/

    “The after action report about the Aurora Theater Shooting is OUT. It’s 188 pages and lists what went well and… http://t.co/PGOw1y47sK/s/6_Tm

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    The following is taken from the actual court document/report.

    The City of Aurora chose to conduct an independent after action review (AAR) of its response to the July 20, 2012 mass shooting at the Century 16 Theater movie complex, and the associated threat of explosivedevices at XXXXXXX apartment on Paris Street. The City competitively selected TriData Division, System Planning Corporation, to undertake the review. TriData had completed over 50 after action reviews of major emergency incidents, including previous mass shootings at Virginia Tech, Northern Illinois University, and Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado.


    The After Action Review started in May 2013, almost a year after the incident. The delay was due to a court-imposed gag order on information connected with the case, which had not yet come to trial. The case still had not yet come to trial during this review, which confined the scope to the response, and not the investigation or background of XXXXXXX.

    The review focused primarily on the response of the City’s emergency forces during the first three days, including actions by police, fire and emergency medical services (EMS), private ambulances, hospitals, public safety communications, and public information personnel. Also included was the first week of family and victim assistance, assistance to first responders, and healing support for the community. The roles played by regional and national agencies and other city departments were reflected in the review.

    The investigation of the crime itself was largely outside the scope of the review, except for initial steps taken to gather and organize theater witnesses, and the actions of the coroner. XXXXXXX background and motivation were outside the scope, as was the issue of preventing these types of incidents.

    The charge to the team was to first describe the event and actions taken by the City’s emergency personnel, then to evaluate what was done, draw lessons learned, and make recommendations for the future. The project team was also to review measures taken by the City after the incident to improve future emergency responses. 

    The report attempts to make a reasonable compromise between level of detail and readability. The goal was to provide a sufficiently detailed description of events so that readers would understand the key aspects. In some cases, details were withheld out of concern that they might be too useful to future perpetrators. 

    Some timeline information is provided in each chapter to help the reader understand the flow of events. The Appendix has a detailed combined timeline developed by the Aurora Police Department that is based largely on radio transmissions, telephone recordings, the automated vehicle location system, and interviews of participants.

    Looks like the prosecution contributed to this report. They are cited as a source.

    I plan on reading through this and typing out the more important parts, but for now, work…

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