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    oh! and the august 18th hearing has been vacated. the next hearing is august 25th.


    good afternoon, holmies!
    I’m just getting home from the courthouse. not a terribly exciting day. the prosecution called mr. dale higashi as a witness. he works for CBI as a lab agent for firearms and toolmarks. initially, he was tasked with taking a second look at the findings of another guy, allen hammond, who had analyzed ammunition taken from the theater. mr higashi was able to determine that some of the ammunition did in fact come from james’s guns, where mr hammond had found it to be “inconclusive”. hammond also lost pieces of evidence that were given to him. so mr hammond was removed from the case and it was taken over by mr higashi. hammond no longer works for CBI, it wasn’t said but I’m guessing this has something to do with it. he now works for aurora pd. where anything goes with evidence lol. so mr higashi was able to determine that all the ammunition at the scene came from 3 of the 4 weapons that james brought along. the glock that was found in his car door hadn’t been fired at all. prior to that, they were just going through mr higashi’s career, experience blah blah.
    mama and papa holmes were there again today. Robert seemed to be watching mr higashi on the stand the whole time, while arlene looked straight ahead almost the whole time. I can only assume she was looking at james. robert had on a plaid shirt ♡ arlene a flowery shirt and sparkly shoes.
    james looked happy when he first walked into the room, but didn’t look around once he sat down. he swivled in his chair as he always does and alternated between staring down at his lap and towards mr higashi. his hair is short, sooo much better than that wild bedhead pompador he was rockin last time I saw him. the beard is still there but not crazy unruly. he looked really good :) I have heard that he had gained weight, but it didn’t really look like it to me.
    brit, your man wasn’t there :/ sorry.
    tam didn’t sit by james and wasn’t even at the defense table. she sat to the side, where jury would sit I’m assuming.
    that’s pretty much it. like I said, not a real exciting day. any questions, just ask!

    “Judge in Aurora theater shooting case quashes subpoenas for cops disciplinary records.”
    - via Rick Sallinger (via gotholmes)
    “Also today, a psychiatrist will talk by phone (and anonymously) about his wish to videotape James Holmes’ sanity exam.”
    - via John Ingold (via gotholmes)
    “Aurora theater shooting defendant James Holmes in court with neatly trimmed hair and beard. Parents present.”
    - via Rick Sallinger (via gotholmes)



    yeah, because we totally don’t want anyone to think of james as a real person or anything. or to help victims move to a place of forgiveness in their hearts. brauchler’s bloodthirst knows no bounds.

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    Holmes attorneys seek records of 2 more officers

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