Welcome to the JH Case Research blog, based on research into the July 20th, 2012 Aurora Colorado theater shooting. I do not under any circumstances, condone the acts in which the suspect James Holmes is accused of committing and I'm simply researching the case in my spare time. Here you will find news & case updates, plus supported opinions (based on known factual evidence at the present time), and more. I encourage you to take a look around, and please feel free to ask me questions. Any and all hate or attempts at trolling will be ignored and blocked.

The Uphill Battle For Jana’s Sources Begins For the Defense Attorneys of Theater Shooting Suspect James Holmes.


If the Justices decide to take on the case of James E. Holmes V. Jana Winter (and make no mistake, the justices do have to decide to hear the case, as not every case that petitions to the US Supreme Court even makes it there. Source: http://litigation.findlaw.com/legal-system/how-does-the-u-s-supreme-court-decide-whether-to-hear-a-case.html), it will be the biggest challenge that faces James Holmes’ defense attorneys to date. 

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Alison Michelle Ernst, Hillary Clinton shoe thrower: Misinfo in ties to James Holmes case | Westword


"Given all this material, the idea that Ernst herself had filed the motions in the Holmes case appeared to have been thoroughly debunked. But as the recent reports suggest, misinformation is mighty hard to kill in the Internet age."

PERRY: Moving the Holmes' Aurora theater shooting trial is nothing but fair tirade - Aurora Sentinel                  




Let’s blame the defense team for dragging this trial out?!

If the prosecution wasn’t hungry for the dp, all of this would have been resolved last year.

Exactly! And the Prosecution are dragging it out further by asking for a 2nd evaluation!

I’ve been waiting to see the Aurora Sentinel’s reaction to the defense’s 39 page motion for a change of venue (due to extensive prejudicial media coverage, which repeatedly referenced their and the Denver Post’s articles). 

……..And their reaction to the defense’s accusation of them posting prejudicial articles is…….to post more prejudicial articles?

This Aurora Sentinel opinion piece is basically an smear campaign against the defense AND the Dr. that conducted the media coverage analysis. And it’s also clear the writer (who is an editor of the Aurora Sentinel) has preconceived notions about James Holmes’s sanity.

But I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

From the Motion to change venue:


There Has Been Significant and Continuing Commentary by the News Media on the Facts of this Case, Often Exhibiting Prejudgment on the Issues of Guilt and Sanity.

Don’t they realize that they are just continuing to bolster the defense’s argument?

Of course not lol. They think that because of Freedom of the Press, they’re untouchable. That things they write about “shouldn’t hold any weight inside the court room,” as they are “on the outside looking in and reporting about it.” But they forget that when they venture off of facts and into opinions on the case, and use their platform to promote a clear prejudice against the defendant, that those defense lawyers can use it as ammo to move the trial legally. Tactics 101 right there. 

Only one problem with the plan… The judge could very well say “no, you can’t use the media talking about certain aspects of this case publicly as an argument to move Holmes trial. Why? Because YOU provided it in court documents [aka the plans to plea down the prosecution even though that didn’t go through, and how they got taken to task for it later on by the judge], thus YOU opened the door to it publicly.” So this is a fine line that’s being walked here legally. My fear is, that this may come back to bite them in the ass. 

“The defense in the Aurora theater shooting case says they learned about judge’s orders yesterday from the news media. http://t.co/NCEkU10J8m
- via John Ingold (via gotholmes)